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Kiiltoplast Oy

Best plastic covering

in the world

Kiiltoplast Oy

Best plastic covering

in the world


Environmental responsibility


We work closely with the environmental authorities to minimise any environmental impacts by reducing waste and air and water emissions. Environmental values are a priority in all our operations.

Responsible Care – Kiiltoplast participates in the chemical industry’s volunteer program

We are committed to the chemical industry’s international Responsible Care volunteer programme. The aim of the programme is to operate in a socially and ecologically sustainable way.

We invest in environmentally friendly raw materials and renewable energy

Kiiltoplast has been investing for years in manufacturing environmentally friendly products. This includes, among other things, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and the use of renewable energy in production. 

In 2012, Kiiltoplast Oy was awarded an FSC certificate as a guarantee of having used responsibly grown wood material.  When end users see the FSC certificate, they can be sure that the product they are buying has not contributed to deforestation or impoverished forest nature.

Our products and production are solvent-free and we do not use harmful phthalates

Kiiltoplast Oy's products are manufactured without harmful phthalates and from raw materials in compliance with REACH regulations. Read more about the REACH regulation here >>>

Certified quality system since 1994

High-quality products and customer orientation are the foundation of Kiiltoplast's operations. We have been using the certified quality system ISO9001:2015 since 1994; it covers product development, sales and marketing, and production processes.

The basic starting point for our quality thinking is the continuous development of products and operations. Our operations, conforming to our quality system, are carried out by a committed staff and with regular evaluation. We continuously develop our quality system to take into account the individual needs of our customers.



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