Rainwear materials

Kiiltoplast Oy is a producer of prime quality rainwear materials with over 20 years of experience. We believe that different circumstances require different materials. Therefore, we have developed Raintex™ and Rainflex™ materials so that everybody can meet the nature even in its stormiest weather conditions.

Our clientele consists of producers of children’s and adults´ rainwear clothing and producers of protective clothing for industrial use.

The variety of products consists of different Rainflex and Raintex qualities which have been developed according to special uses. Rainflex qualities are lighter materials targeted to leisure clothing whereas Raintex qualities are designed for heavier wear and tear. Both Rainflex and Raintex are available with oil- and/or fire protective treatments on request.

Rainflex and Raintex qualities are available in a wide range of standard colours. We can also match colours according to special wishes by using a digital toning programme. The qualities can also be printed with a one-tone pattern on request.

Production and quality control of our materials follow strictly the ISO9001:2000 – certificate and Responsible Care –voluntary nature programme.


- Rainwear clothing, Protective clothing