Textile coatings

Textile coating is one of the core competencies of Kiiltoplast Oy. We provide high quality vinyl and acrylic coatings as an added value service for our customers´ own textile designs.

The main quality is PL2025 coating which is a semi-matte PVC-coating with a water-based acrylic lacquer. The quality is durable and easy-care; it can be machine-washed in 40 degrees and ironed on the other side. PVC-coating adds weight 150 g/m² to the fabric.

The other quality is Aliina-acrylic coating which is a lighter coating in comparison to vinyl. The water based acrylic coating has a soft touch and it imitates the fabrics more closely. Acrylic coating adds 20 g/m² weight to the coated fabric.

The newest approach in 2012 to textile coating is thick and soft acrylic coated AliiNano. The surface is finished with special lacquer providing an improved resistance to dirt and stains. The coating weight is appr. 100 g/m²


- Basket, Coin purse, Table cloth

Picture Finlayson Oy