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Kiiltoplast has committed itself to the international Responsible Care –voluntary programme of the chemical industry.

Kiiltoplast Oy

Best plastic coating

in the world

Kiiltoplast Oy

Best plastic coating

in the world


Kiiltoplast Oy – at the forefront of the plastic coating industry in Europe, with over 60 years of experience

Kiiltoplast Oy is one of the leading plastic coating companies in Europe.

We offer a wide range of products for the graphic arts and home textile industry, as well as for manufacturers of protective clothing and rainwear. Thanks to our innovative product development, our product range is constantly growing. Our new products include the plastic-coated Feltflex felt for the automotive industry and Kerasafe+ waterproofing material for the construction and prefab industry.


Kiiltoplast Oy is part of the Kiilto Family Group, which has its roots in Kiilto Oy, founded in 1919. Our factory has a long history and our operations have been fine-tuned over many years. We also cooperate continuously with other companies in the Kiilto Family Group. There is power in unity!

Surrounded by apple trees, our factory is located in a beautiful spot near the forests and lakes, yet only a few kilometres from the centre of Virrat. We employ some 30 people, and our staff is very committed, as witnessed by some employment relationships spanning more than 40 years. Our organisation emphasises working together and has a strong spirit of togetherness. It is important to us that we enjoy what we are doing, and we focus a lot on staff well-being and training.  


Since it was established, Kiiltoplast has invested heavily in exports, and we have customers around the world. Products for the graphics industry are exported to more than 30 countries, and we have a comprehensive network of representatives and agents. We actively monitor international trends and work closely with our customers. Our product development is constantly striving to take into account and anticipate the individual needs of our customers. We have a flexible and agile organisation that can quickly react to ever-changing market conditions. 

The certified quality system ISO9001:2015, which we have been applying for over a quarter of a century, ensures the quality of product development, sales and marketing, and production processes.


Clean Finnish nature and high-quality products are our strengths in the world market. At Kiiltoplast, we are proud that taking care of our environment and our personnel is a key part of our operations. We want to act in such a way that we will be able to enjoy clean forests and water in the future, too.  We are committed to the Responsible Care volunteer programme. Read more about our environmental responsibility!  


  • Kiilto Oy was founded in 1919
  • The production of book cover materials began in the 1960s
  • In 1975, a new factory was built in Virrat
  • In the 1980s, the product range expanded to textile and non-woven coatings
  • In 1983, the Kiiltoplast Oy name was introduced 
  • In 1985, we started rainwear production
  • At the start of the new millennium, we began development work on the use of recycled plastic in cover materials
  • In 1998, the brushing production line was introduced
  • Since 2008, we have only been using water-based lacquers and inks
  • In 2010, we stopped using harmful phthalates in our production
  • In 2012, we started the production of Feltflex felt material from the automotive industry
  • In 2013, Kiiltoplast joined a district heating network providing renewable energy
  • In 2018, we started making the waterproofing material KeraSafe+
  • In 2020, Bindur, the recycled cover material, got a new look

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